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"Everything you imagine is real."

                                    - Pablo Picasso


I am a self-taught artist who is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I specialize in acrylic paintings and have found an ongoing love for creating commissioned custom art pieces for clients.  Exploring different elements and mediums to create depth and texture and incorporate them into my painting allows me to expand my visions.

At a very young age, I was introduced to my artistic talents with the help of my father and brother who are also talented artists.  Throughout my years in school, art was my favorite subject thanks to my amazing art teachers who I continue to look up to. Art allowed me to be who I truly was and destined to be.  In 2018, my love for painting grew even stronger whereby I decided to pursue art to another level and paint commission works.

As soon as I pick up a pencil or paint brush, my passion takes over into a world of creativity and I feel I need to share my love of art with the world.

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